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Theatre embedded in the local culture

Alongside Houten train station you will find the Theater Aan de Slinger, a compact theatre full of ambience with a professional, vast programme ranging from cabaret to drama, from music to film. In addition, the theatre is often used by amateur associations who give their performances or concerts here. Further, a music school and a secondary school use the classrooms above the theatre auditorium. All in all, a lively, exceptional place in the midst of the community of Houten.

Theater Aan de Slinger for TOT

Theater Aan de Slinger is one of the smallest organisations in TOT’s client database, but no less important. The building has been designed with much devotion, both before and behind the scenes, and this care can be found throughout the organisation. The people here work hard and full of dedication to gain the maximum effect with the minimum amount of resources. TOT is pleased to be of service.

TOT for Theater Aan de Slinger

TOT has worked for the Theater Aan de Slinger since 2006. Helped to find a ticket sales system and an event scheduling system. Furthermore, provided application management for the event scheduling system, Artifax Event eand the link with the ticket sales program Active Tickets, in conjunction with Cramgo.

Theater Aan de Slinger about TOT

”Whilst the first brick of our new theatre was yet to be laid and performances were still given in the council chamber of the town hall in Houten, we commenced with the automation. Among all the ticket sales suppliers, Active Tickets seemed to be the right one for us. Free of costs per ticket, everything via the Internet etc.. Scheduling software was part of that. We opted for Event. Via the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht we came into contact with Marijcke. We clicked immediately. Marijcke is able to make a perfect appraisal of the organisation’s qualities, as well as where her expertise is required. The result: independently working staff that soon got with a grip on the software, and no sky high bills!” Arjen Berendse, director.

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