Background – industrial psychology


A degree in industrial psychology, 10 years of work experience in stagecraft, and a passion for theatre motivate me. These are the three threads in my life that converge in TOT, the company that I founded in 2002.

During my studies, I researched political decision-making and the groupthink theory by Irving Janis. I also became a social skills trainer and chose modules like conflict management and group dynamics.

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In addition to industrial psychology, I studied  theatre science at the University of Utrecht where, after the first year, I opted for subjects covering dance and art theory. During my career I have broadened my knowledge in management, theatre and computer science by taking a range of courses, such as time management, project work, marketing, negotiation skills, rigging and safety, as well as computer courses such as Advanced Excel, MS Access, Databases, SQL, HTML, MS Visio and Visual Basic.


Prior to TOT I operated as a photographer and theatre technician under a different company name. I toured for about ten years, mostly with international dance companies in the Netherlands and abroad. You can read more about that technical theatre experience under the Technical production section.

My photographic work was abstract, analogue and black and white. I created sequences and abstract compositions, commissioned portraits and theatre photos. Precision work in the darkroom helped to balance the ultra-social job of a touring stage manager.

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