Uurwerk personnel scheduler

Uurwerk personnel scheduler

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Scheduling and registration convenience

Uurwerk is the scheduling program designed by TOT for events personnel in the cultural sector – both venues and companies. It was developed from many years of practical experience at, and in conjunction with, large and small theatre and event organisers in the Netherlands. Its strength lies in the ease with which you can schedule the personnel in an efficient, well-ordered way, and in accordance with legislation. Time tracking and accountability form an integral part of this, and have never been so easy.

More than just a program

TOT knows the theatre business inside out. Which is why Uurwerk is more than just a computer program: it is personalised service. Advice, instruction and guidance form an integral part of it, as do technical modifications on the basis of specific needs and wishes.

Uurwerk is Dutch language software. However, it can be translated, which certainly would be worth the effort. This is because event-based personnel scheduling, in principle, is not language-related.

Since 2005

In 2005 TOT first introduced the basic version of Uurwerk. In 2011 Uurwerk Online, the web application, went live.

Why Uurwerk?

  • Saves time, money and energy;
  • Provides clear management information;
  • Goes hand in hand with expert advice;
  • Always personalised and up-to-date;
  • Compact and well-organised.

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