What moves TOT and Marijcke Voorsluijs


Three sections of the TOT site are dedicated to work content:


The fourth section, Inspiration, tells you a little about what inspires me, TOT’s owner, Marijcke Voorsluijs. Where does my knowledge and experience stem from? Where does the energy come from to keep trying out new ideas? Why am I doing all this? » read on about Inspiration

Background – industrial psychology


A degree in industrial psychology, 10 years of work experience in stagecraft, and a passion for theatre motivate me. These are the three threads in my life that converge in TOT, the company that I founded in 2002.

During my studies, I researched political decision-making and the groupthink theory by Irving Janis. I also became a social skills trainer and chose modules like conflict management and group dynamics.

Logo Universiteit Utrecht


In addition to industrial psychology, I studied  theatre science at the University of Utrecht where, after the first year, I opted for subjects covering dance and art theory. During my career I have broadened my knowledge in management, theatre and computer science by taking a range of courses, such as time management, project work, marketing, negotiation skills, rigging and safety, as well as computer courses such as Advanced Excel, MS Access, Databases, SQL, HTML, MS Visio and Visual Basic. » read on about Background – industrial psychology

From the web

From both a personal and professional interest, I have been active on the web since 1995. As such I believe I can be called a citizen of the digital world.

The Internet in the past

In its early days, the Internet looked like a large collection of advertising brochures. Websites were shop windows, communication occurred by email. In fact, in the first house style design for TOT created by Jips Company in 2002, the web played no part at all. That’s practically inconceivable nowadays.

The Internet now

In the meantime, communication via the web has become the most natural thing in the world and almost the entire cultural sector is active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. My clients know where to find me for first-rate advice on the most appropriate application for each medium. » read on about From the web

Handy info

Over the years I have compiled quite an amount of documents for both TOT and its clients that are helpful to colleagues – handy info, in other words. These are usually documents that are freely available online, but you do need to know where to find them. Here you will find them ‘under one roof’.

Missing something? Ask!

Do you have something very handy for me that is not listed here? Thank you! » read on about Handy info


A degree and a half, years of work experience and savvy of the worldwide web all combine to create a great package. However, my greatest source of inspiration has been TOT’s clients. They ask the questions and pose challenges, as a result of which my expertise is growing. This is why I have outlined a few of them on a separate page on this website. It is not that the other clients are not important, inspirational or interesting, but not every client likes that degree of attention. Or perhaps the page is not quite finished yet.

Client pages

On the client page you can read about what type of organisation they are, what TOT does for them and what the client means to TOT. You can see the client’s website, see their activities on various social media, and read their Twitter timeline live.

The links at the top and bottom of the pages help you browse easily through the client pages. The order? The length of the business relationship with the client.

Browse through TOT’s clients.

About this website

This website is a TOT project within itself, one where my expertise came in handy. Designing and building websites is not my forte, whereas envisioning them and writing the functional specifications is. Plus, I simply enjoy writing.

Graphic design for the Calendar

Janneke ten Cate at Jips Company, who also took care of the house style and previous site, came up with the graphic design, elaborated on my interaction design and managed the build. » read on about About this website