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Uurwerk personnel scheduler

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Scheduling and registration convenience

Uurwerk is the scheduling program designed by TOT for events personnel in the cultural sector – both venues and companies. It was developed from many years of practical experience at, and in conjunction with, large and small theatre and event organisers in the Netherlands. Its strength lies in the ease with which you can schedule the personnel in an efficient, well-ordered way, and in accordance with legislation. Time tracking and accountability form an integral part of this, and have never been so easy. » read on about Uurwerk personnel scheduler

Uurwerk Online – Uurwerk as a web based application

Uurwerk on the web

After the first succesfull years with Uurwerk Basic the clientele of Uurwerk had grown, as had the clients themselves. The virtual ceiling came into view. The plan for Uurwerk Online was born.

Uurwerk online events

Time to grow

In 2007 Marijcke initiated discussions with Rik Bruins of Art of Automation, software developer, sound technician and former Artifax-consultant. Just as Marijcke, Rik has a thorough knowledge of the cultural sector and embraces challenges head on. Together they decided to develop an advanced version of Uurwerk, whilst retaining the strong points of Uurwerk Basic: » read on about Uurwerk Online – Uurwerk as a web based application

Uurwerk Online – service and cost

Service and cost

Uurwerk Online comes with our service and support. We keep your software up to date and are there to help you get the most out of it.

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Uurwerk Online includes:

  • a live demonstration;
  • our inventory of your specific needs and wishes;
  • configuration of Uurwerk Online according to these needs and wishes;
  • installation and training;
  • hosting;
  • maintenance and updates;
  • a yearly user conference;
  • training for your schedulers;
  • a help desk for your application manager.  » read on about Uurwerk Online – service and cost

The background – Uurwerk Basic

Uurwerk basic events

Scheduling from events

From 2000 and for many years thereafter, Marijcke Voorsluijs, the owner of TOT, was responsible for scheduling the technical employees for the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht using Rostarflex, a large scheduling application. This was an expensive program that ultimately delivered, but was not made for events-guided scheduling. A number of fixed shifts were the basis, but that is not how the cultural sector works. The event, performance or concert sets the tone. An opera places different demands on the staff than a classical concert, for example. Further, the program of the day must be visible in the schedule. » read on about The background – Uurwerk Basic

Uurwerk in duplicate

There are two Uurwerk versions:

  • Uurwerk Basic, developed from Excel, for small to medium-sized businesses which can schedule up to 15 technical or hospitality employees;
  • Uurwerk Online, a web application for an unlimited number of employees, and is ideal as such for all staff working for all types of cultural organisations, whether small or large.  » read on about Uurwerk in duplicate

Uurwerk Basic and Uurwerk Online compared

Uurwerk Basic and Uurwerk Online in a nutshell

A schematic comparison of the two Uurwerk versions: Uurwerk Basic and Uurwerk Online. Symbols have been used as much as possible:

No problem
Not applicable
Possible with modifications

» read on about Uurwerk Basic and Uurwerk Online compared

Technical production

TOT feels right at home backstage at large international theatre productions. A lover of dance, founder Marijcke Voorsluijs was a touring stage manager for 10 years. Since 1997 TOT has been the technical coordinator for dozens of international companies and festivals. Using current web techniques, TOT is keen to share passion for theatre along with practical information.

In this section of the website you’ll find:

Technical production – find a show quickly

The quickest ways to find a show:


  • On a city for all performances taking place there in the current season;
  • On a theatre for more information about the venue, technical details, the route, and to see all the performances from the current season onwards;
  • On a company for images and background information about the group and creators;
  • On a performance title for more information about the production and to download the technical rider and Production Risk Assessment Inventory (PRAI).


Dancing on the Edge

Logo Dancing on the Edge

Contemporary performing arts from a region in motion

Dancing on the Edge (DOTE) stimulates artistic exchange with the Middle East and North Africa. The focus is on contemporary art -theater, dance, film, music and installations- of high artistic quality.

The activities of Dancing on the Edge are categorized under 4 headings: ‘Festival’, ‘Exchange’, ‘Academy’ and ‘Programming’ and take place in The Netherlands, Europe, and in the Middle East and North Africa. DOTE is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and exists since 2006.

» read on about Dancing on the Edge

GPAG – Global Performing Arts Group

Global Performing Arts Group (GPAG)

Networkers in international performing arts

In 2011 JG Baggerman and Lucienne van der Mijle founded the Global Performing Arts Group (GPAG). It is an Amsterdam-based entertainment industry liaison between theatre companies, promoters, agents, producers and programmers from around the globe. With access to GPAG’s international network of theatre professionals, clients can enter new markets or expand existing ones.

Besides GPAG is the international agent of Dutch companies like The Ashton Brothers, Percossa and Jakop Ahlbom.

» read on about GPAG – Global Performing Arts Group