TOT | technische productie

Productions in words and pictures:

  • unique international theatre productions
  • TOT’s view on cultural differences
  • technical riders and risk assessments of TOT’s productions
  • performances TOT warmly recommends.
TOT | ICT Project Management

Tailored to the cultural sector:

  • scheduling, time tracking, CRM, ticket sales, fundraising and more
  • TOT’s opinion on applications
  • ins and outs of working with software in the cultural practice.
TOT | uurwerk

Especially for theatres and events:

  • events-guided scheduling and time tracking for the cultural sector
  • live check of the schedule against Working Hours Act and CBA
  • developed from practical experience.

So much to see!

  Foto Melencolia wo 19
  Foto What Remains zo 17
TOT | Inspiration

What moves TOT and Marijcke Voorsluijs:

  • the world wide web
  • art, technology and entrepreneurship
  • handy info
  • the TOT history
  • TOT’s clients.