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Uurwerk Online – service and cost

Service and cost

Uurwerk Online comes with our service and support. We keep your software up to date and are there to help you get the most out of it.

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Uurwerk Online includes:

  • a live demonstration;
  • our inventory of your specific needs and wishes;
  • configuration of Uurwerk Online according to these needs and wishes;
  • installation and training;
  • hosting;
  • maintenance and updates;
  • a yearly user conference;
  • training for your schedulers;
  • a help desk for your application manager. 


The height of your investment depends on the amount of personnel to be scheduled, but always includes:

  • software (latest version);
  • configuration of your locations;
  • import of staff details;
  • installation and training.

The exact prices for 2024 are as follows:


Purchase < 25 members of staff €     8,000.00
25-50 members of staff €   10,500.00
50-100 members of staff €   15,000.00
100-150 members of staff €   17,000.00
150-200 members of staff €   21,000.00
>200 members of staff (from price) €   23,500.00
Expand to … 25-50 members of staff €     3,400.00
50-100 members of staff €     5,500.00
100-150 members of staff €     3,100.00
150-200 members of staff €     5,250.00
>200 members of staff (from price) €     3,750.00
Yearly subscription inclusive of updates, hosting, support, user conference €     5,550.00


And further on …

  • The prices mentioned are exclusive of 21% VAT and are valid for 2024. TOT calculates an annual index of 3%.
  • Your first agreement is valid for three years. After that you can choose an extension per year.
  • The help desk is accessible for the application manager. We answer all questions within 24 hours.
  • TOT will alert you when you ask for something that is not included with your subscription. Additional hours we charge on the basis of recalculation. The price for this is € 100.00.


Download this information as a pdf.

Contact us for a live demonstration of Uurwerk Online.