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International festivals – the centre point

All interests on the same page

TOT has been tried and tested in coordinating international festivals. A festival demands everything that preparing for a tour does, but in a more condensed format.


Several companies give their performances within a compact time frame at various locations, under optimal conditions. They all want to make the best possible impression, as they only get the one chance to show their artistic product to the Dutch public. They might even appear on television, or the press or international programmers may be present. Which can greatly heighten the tension.


On the other hand, the theatre has to take the limitations of the venue and available manpower into account. And then tomorrow’s another day, with a different company and another performance.

International festivals

In addition to companies and theatre, there’s a third party at play: the festival organisation with a format, framework and budget that brings different wishes, requirements, possibilities and limitations with it.

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam during Julidans - international festivals

On the same page

TOT knows the perspectives inside out, takes all interests into consideration and finds and advocates the best solution with the party in question. Long before the start of the festival clear agreements, plans, designs and production schedules are made. This provides a solid foundation to ensure ample room for the inevitable improvisation required during the festival.

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