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Many cultural organisations do not use a CRM program. At least, that is what they think. They dabble in CRM but do not have a specific program for it, which is not always necessary. You can do more with Outlook than you think. Excel is great for maintaining addresses and removing duplicates. Nearly every event scheduling or ticket sale program has a CRM option. If this is enough for you, do not let yourself be talked into getting a separate CRM package, as slick as it may seem. Why buy an expensive program when the software you have already fits the bill?

What is CRM?

With Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, the organisation’s contact with the customer is key. The objective is to approach each relationship individually, on the basis of requirements or characteristics. An abundance of CRM software is available. More than 400 CRM program suppliers currently operate in the Netherlands alone.


Standard CRM software is intended for the corporate world. It is the cockpit for the sales manager, who uses it to maintain leads and contacts. It is a powerful tool for enticing potential customers into making a purchase. Once the sale is complete and payment made, they will follow up on product satisfaction and see whether the customer requires anything else. The CRM system reminds the sales manager in time to make contact and everything is neatly saved. When the customer visits the website, their click profile is meticulously tracked.

Culture and CRM

The more commercially cultural organisations operate, the more vital it is to optimally serve the visitor. Subsidies alone do not pay the bills. The customer must put money in the box, either as a hirer, donor/sponsor or ticket buyer.

If you have a ticket sales system, event scheduling program or email application with a good CRM function, or if Outlook and Excel cover your needs, you should look no further.

So when should you buy a separate CRM program?


  • If you do not have a ticket sales or event scheduling program;
  • If your software does not meet your CRM requirements;
  • If you want to have all business addresses, including personnel, VIP, press and management acquaintance addresses, stored in a central place;
  • If you can not securely share the addresses in your program with other departments.

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