Uurwerk personnel scheduler

Uurwerk Basic and Uurwerk Online compared

Uurwerk Basic and Uurwerk Online in a nutshell

A schematic comparison of the two Uurwerk versions: Uurwerk Basic and Uurwerk Online. Symbols have been used as much as possible:

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Subject Uurwerk Basic Uurwerk Online
Platform Excel MS SQL Server
Development language Visual Basic ASP.net
On your own server
Accessible via the Internet
Scheduling and time tracking in one
CBA and Working Hours Act checks
Overviews of sick days, holidays and overtime
Number of schedulers Unlimited Unlimited
Several schedulers can work simultaneously
Number of employees 15 per schedule * Unlimited
Employees fill in their own availability
Email and text from the schedule
Employees can make exchange requests in the schedule
Employees export the schedule to their smartphone
Schedule changes are automatically forwarded
Employees fill in their own hours worked
Employees are scheduled according to their qualifications
Direct insight into the actual attendance status per employee
Events-guided scheduling
Schedule in fixed jobs
Import events from your scheduling program
Prognosis as soon as the programming is complete
For small organisations
For medium-sized organisations
For large organisations
For theatres
For concert auditoriums
For event locations
For companies
For the technical department
For the hospitality department
For the ticket sales department
For non-event employees
The entire business in a single schedule
Time scheduled and worked at a glance
Insight into hours scheduled and worked, per period
Insight into hours scheduled and worked, per event
Personnel file with documents and contact history

* To schedule more than 15 employees with Uurwerk Basic, you will require multiple schedules.

Please contact TOT for further information.