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The raw talent and great masters of contemporary dance

Julidans presents the enfants terribles and great masters of contemporary dance. The one does not exclude the other by the way; many Julidans choreographers are both. Besides well-known creators (incl. Maguy Marin, Wim Vandekeybus and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui), Julidans also presents a new generation in Julidans NEXT. The festival also distinguishes itself with non-Western dance from South America, Africa and elsewhere – performances that are rarely or never seen in the Netherlands. » read on about Julidans

Van Baasbank & Co

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Contemporary international performing arts

Van Baasbank & Co, founded by Jaap van Baasbank and JG Baggerman in 1985 in Amsterdam, is an international producer of multidisciplinary performing arts, including modern dance, musical theatre, percussion and literary programmes, everything from one-man shows to operas with a cast of 50 (and a horse) on stage. The performances know no language barriers and are artistically ground-breaking. Van Baasbank & Co is the executive producer of Julidans; the former company name is Van Baasbank & Baggerman. » read on about Van Baasbank & Co