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From the web

From both a personal and professional interest, I have been active on the web since 1995. As such I believe I can be called a citizen of the digital world.

The Internet in the past

In its early days, the Internet looked like a large collection of advertising brochures. Websites were shop windows, communication occurred by email. In fact, in the first house style design for TOT created by Jips Company in 2002, the web played no part at all. That’s practically inconceivable nowadays.

The Internet now

In the meantime, communication via the web has become the most natural thing in the world and almost the entire cultural sector is active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. My clients know where to find me for first-rate advice on the most appropriate application for each medium. » read on about From the web

Facebook – contact, tips, tricks and news

Facebook is an extremely popular friend network for sharing messages, links, photos and videos with friends. I think Facebook is a fantastic platform for keeping contact with friends and colleagues from the past and present, as well as for exchanging recommendations about great performances, practical tips and the latest news about the internet, technology and social media. Moreover, I know all my Facebook friends. “Of course!” you say? well, just view this clip.

Facebook network

Facebook and the outside world

However, Facebook does not easily acknowledge defeat; on technical forums you can see how easy it is to share to Facebook. Pages you find, tips you like, pictures you take via all sorts of apps, trips you book and theatre tickets you buy – you name it and it comes with the blue Share or Like button.

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