Vision – The technological, organisational and events centre point

The heartbeat of TOT

The technological, organisational and events centre point. All interests on the same page. Clear proposals, practical interventions and bold actions: this is where the strength of TOT lies, as well as its core services.

The broad outlines and detail

Klassiek concert

The broad outlines are important, but the smallest details are too. Take a concert, for example. The musicians and the visitors must have a fantastic evening, which is only possible if the technology is scheduled properly. However, the ambience in the foyer, the cloakroom attendant’s smile and the ease of ordering on the website play just as important a role.


A number of project examples that I am delighted to sink my teeth into:

  • A Taiwanese group is keen to tour the Netherlands but does not know their way around Dutch theatre culture;
  • A Spanish company sends a list of requests that are not feasible in a festival situation, but no one knows how to explain this to them or how to formulate an alternative;
  • An events location has long needed a new website, but the management find it difficult to clarify their wishes and requirements;
  • A theatre has purchased a scheduling program, but it is not yet used to its full potential throughout the organisation;
  • The theatre technicians are dissatisfied with the personnel schedule and the head of HR wastes a great deal of time on checking CBA stipulations.

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