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Personal encounter with the (ab)normal

Museum Het Dolhuys wants to leave visitors with a positive and lasting impression, one that contributes to the de-stigmatisation of people with a psychiatric disorder. It does so by creating a personal encounter with the (ab)normal. In the museum you interactively experience the boundaries between lunacy and run of the mill, normal and abnormal.

The Dolhuys for TOT

The Dolhuys was the first museum to join TOT’s clientele. The museum is open to the public, but is also a great event venue: meetings, workshops, readings and parties in combination with a lunch or dinner and a guided tour around the museum. It is a lovely spot with a unique ambience, right in the middle of a park, yet just a stone’s throw from Haarlem station.

TOT for the Dolhuys

TOT has worked for the Dolhuys since 2010, providing application management and reports for the event scheduling program Artifax Event,, as well as advice and support in setting up the CRM module and scheduling of guides. TOT also collaborated with the people at the Dolhuys on the Madness & Arts Festival in 2010.

The Dolhuys about TOT

“We got to know Marijcke as someone with a vast amount of knowledge. She listens carefully to our requirements and delivers fast and accurate solutions.” Dimitry van den Berg, Head of Marketing & Sales.

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