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A monument with an impressive history

With sky-high ogive arches and magnificent art treasures, the recently restored Pieterskerk in Leiden is an awe-inspiring building that boasts a fascinating history, making for an unforgettable setting for each and every event – whether a grand dinner, congress or exhibition in the sanctuary and the nave, a concert under the stained glass windows, or a private meeting in the seventeenth-century period room.

The Pieterskerk for TOT

Following on from that impressive history, the Pieterskerk Leiden is in the middle of an exciting present. Director Frieke Hurkmans put organisational and practical order on the agenda, provided a new website and an impressive presence on the web. TOT is delighted to be part of this.

TOT for the Pieterskerk

TOT has worked for the Pieterskerk since 2010, upgrading the event scheduling system, Full House and providing advice on the scheduling of technical staff, as well as business practices in general.

The Pieterskerk about TOT

”When an organisation such as the Pieterskerk Leiden enters into comprehensive reorganisation, professional support is vital. Marijcke Voorsluijs and TOT deliver highly versatile knowledge and they combine that with unparalleled, proactive input and involvement. This makes collaborating with TOT – even during difficult times – a real pleasure.” Frieke Hurkmans, director.

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