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The raw talent and great masters of contemporary dance

Julidans presents the enfants terribles and great masters of contemporary dance. The one does not exclude the other by the way; many Julidans choreographers are both. Besides well-known creators (incl. Maguy Marin, Wim Vandekeybus and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui), Julidans also presents a new generation in Julidans NEXT. The festival also distinguishes itself with non-Western dance from South America, Africa and elsewhere – performances that are rarely or never seen in the Netherlands.

Julidans for TOT

The Julidans performances always provoke discussion. ’love it or hate it’ was the theme in 2011. Moreover, the customs of the international companies that attend the festival deviate somewhat from the norm in the Netherlands. TOT loves working with these unconventional creators, who are not unpredictable in every sense.

TOT for Julidans

TOT has provided the technical coordination for the festival since 2004. A number of venues prepare the performances themselves, with TOT taking care of the rest and producing the combination programmes. TOT also notes the groups’ wishes, offsets these against the resources and time available, and finds the best solution for everyone concerned. TOT creates Dutch language technical riders for all appointments, arranges the rental of any equipment that is required and regularly checks in to see how things are going during the festival.

The objective therefore is to get all interests on the same page: the performance is given the freedom it needs, yet within the festival budget and within the possibilities the theatres provide. Examples of regularly returning companies are Akram Khan Company,  Ultima Vez / Wim VandekeybusDanse l’Afrique Danse and Robyn Orlin.

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