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GPAG – Global Performing Arts Group

Global Performing Arts Group (GPAG)

Networkers in international performing arts

In 2011 JG Baggerman and Lucienne van der Mijle founded the Global Performing Arts Group (GPAG). It is an Amsterdam-based entertainment industry liaison between theatre companies, promoters, agents, producers and programmers from around the globe. With access to GPAG’s international network of theatre professionals, clients can enter new markets or expand existing ones.

Besides GPAG is the international agent of Dutch companies like The Ashton Brothers, Percossa and Jakop Ahlbom.


With JG Baggerman, former partner of Van Baasbank & Baggerman, TOT shares a long and colourful history full of international tours. Personal sympathy and a shared approach to the business with him are the solid base for future cooperation with GPAG.


TOT follows GPAG from the start of the business and supports the international productions when needed. Semianyki in 2013 is the first common tour. TOT takes note of the companies’ requirements, offsets these against the resources available in the theatres. Finds the best solution for all parties, hires additional equipment and a technician and produces a Dutch technical rider. And keeps its finger on the pulse.

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