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Rich flamenco tradition in full swing

The vanguard of and world’s best in flamenco gathers in the Netherlands for the Flamenco Biënnale. The Biënnale invites dancers, choreographers, singers and guitarists who with their vision, bring to life the centuries old dance and music format, as well as giving it a modern slant. Nearly all 27 performances for the 2011 festival were fully sold out. With dozens of workshops, readings and master classes all full to the brim, it is no wonder that the Flamenco Biënnale attracted 10,000 visitors.

The Flamenco Biënnale for TOT

Artistic director Ernestina van de Noort has carefully built up a reputation for innovation and unexpected combinations. She prefers not to schedule in fully worked-out performances, but draws creators into collaboration and challenges them to exceed their comfort zone. Things happen at the Dutch Flamenco Biënnale that cannot be found anywhere else. TOT is delighted to collaborate on this.

TOT for the Flamenco Biënnale

TOT has provided the technical production for all large performances at the Biënnale since 2008, negotiating with groups on their requirements and translating these into possibilities within the festival venues and budget. The performances have been held at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Bimhuis, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam and De Melkweg.

The Flamenco Biënnale about TOT

”Illegible and mumbo-jumbo. Marijcke ‘TOT’ resolves the perplexities that the language of the technical riders can cause. Her translations are clear in the desired languages. Her enthusiasm and input a vital ingredient in preparing a festival with high demands.” Ernestina van de Noort, artistic director.

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