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Contemporary performing arts from a region in motion

Dancing on the Edge (DOTE) stimulates artistic exchange with the Middle East and North Africa. The focus is on contemporary art -theater, dance, film, music and installations- of high artistic quality.

The activities of Dancing on the Edge are categorized under 4 headings: ‘Festival’, ‘Exchange’, ‘Academy’ and ‘Programming’ and take place in The Netherlands, Europe, and in the Middle East and North Africa. DOTE is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and exists since 2006.

Dancing on the Edge for TOT

Dancing on the Edge is an extraordinary international festival with international performing arts creators who, under difficult circumstances in countries like Iran, Palestine and Tunisia, can do nothing but create beautiful art. TOT loves help receiving them in The Netherlands with open arms.

TOT for Dancing on the Edge

TOT works for Dancing on the Edge since 2013 and is responsible for production and technical coordination. Visa, insurances, accommodation and transport for cast and crew. Lighting, sound, video, surtitling and sets. Dutch technical riders, Dutch technicians who speak their languages, and risk assessments for all productions. In Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

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