Technical Production

Technical production

TOT feels right at home backstage at large international theatre productions. A lover of dance, founder Marijcke Voorsluijs was a touring stage manager for 10 years. Since 1997 TOT has been the technical coordinator for dozens of international companies and festivals. Using current web techniques, TOT is keen to share passion for theatre along with practical information.

In this section of the website you’ll find:

Technical production – find a show quickly

The quickest ways to find a show:


  • On a city for all performances taking place there in the current season;
  • On a theatre for more information about the venue, technical details, the route, and to see all the performances from the current season onwards;
  • On a company for images and background information about the group and creators;
  • On a performance title for more information about the production and to download the technical rider and Production Risk Assessment Inventory (PRAI).


Tours – At home and abroad

A passion for theatre at work

TOT specialises in technical production of international touring companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Dance, musical theatre and opera are TOT’s best-loved genres. » read on about Tours – At home and abroad

International festivals – the centre point

All interests on the same page

TOT has been tried and tested in coordinating international festivals. A festival demands everything that preparing for a tour does, but in a more condensed format. » read on about International festivals – the centre point

Stagecraft – background


TOT is owned by Marijcke Voorsluijs. Prior to founding TOT in 2002, she was active as a photographer and theatre technician under a different company name. » read on about Stagecraft – background