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Stadsschouwburg & Philharmonie Haarlem

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Contemporary performing arts in historic buildings

These are two magnificent renovated and restored buildings in the centre of Haarlem. The Philharmonie, the concert hall in Haarlem, can be found behind the Grote Markt, while the Stadsschouwburg is located on the Wilsonsplein, and was reopened by Princess Máxima in September 2008 after extensive renovations.

The Stadsschouwburg & Philharmonie Haarlem for TOT

The Stadsschouwburg & Philharmonie Haarlem are an example of successful cultural entrepreneurship: following two costly restorations, a healthy organisation was built up, one that interchanges popular productions with experimentalism, and where commercial rentals come as naturally as artistic programming. TOT feels right at home in the spirit of entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on culture.

TOT for the Stadsschouwburg & Philharmonie Haarlem

TOT has worked for the Stadsschouwburg & Philharmonie Haarlem since 2005, providing implementation and application management for the events scheduling system, Artifax Event, project management of the combined website of the Stadsschouwburg and Philharmonie, designed by Thonik and built by Peppered, and streamlining the work processes surrounding commercial rentals, advice on new media, and providing a link between Artifax Event, their website and the ticket sales system Provenue Max, in collaboration with and Peppered. The hospitality and technical staff schedules of the Stadsschouwburg & Philharmonie are created using Uurwerk.

The Stadsschouwburg & Philharmonie Haarlem about TOT

“Are you also dazzled by all the different automation systems and all the data they produce; and how to integrate it all? Whether it concerns scheduling, ticket sales, or organisation, TOT brings it all together for you with their expertise, which gives you real peace of mind!” Jaap Lampe, managing director.

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