Uurwerk personnel scheduler

Uurwerk personnel scheduler

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Scheduling and registration convenience

Uurwerk is the scheduling program designed by TOT for events personnel in the cultural sector – both venues and companies. It was developed from many years of practical experience at, and in conjunction with, large and small theatre and event organisers in the Netherlands. Its strength lies in the ease with which you can schedule the personnel in an efficient, well-ordered way, and in accordance with legislation. Time tracking and accountability form an integral part of this, and have never been so easy. » read on about Uurwerk personnel scheduler

ICT Project Management

Project management and automation in the world of culture. TOT boasts a wealth of knowledge in this, as well as vast experience. Where to start? With the right questions: TOT poses them with the fresh outlook of a relative outsider. You’ll find the answer by putting the interests of all parties into a common perspective – the perfect performance, the successful event, the satisfied client. This helps to streamline and professionalise procedures, in whatever way necessary.

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Technical production

TOT feels right at home backstage at large international theatre productions. A lover of dance, founder Marijcke Voorsluijs was a touring stage manager for 10 years. Since 1997 TOT has been the technical coordinator for dozens of international companies and festivals. Using current web techniques, TOT is keen to share passion for theatre along with practical information.

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