ICT Project Management

The value of a process scan to your organisation

A process scan is not a document to be glanced at now and again. It can prove invaluable in practice.

A process scan:

  • Is a tool to help you train new staff quicker;
  • Shows the place and function of everyone’s work in the bigger picture;
  • Shows the key moments within the process; if these are not (adequately) completed then the following stage will commence, but on an unstable foundation;
  • Offers the possibility to translate the event-related steps into an event blue print – and even to refine it into a task list per department;
  • Can be used to test job descriptions: the same procedural steps must appear here as well;
  • Is a tool for holding the organisational chart up to the light: does the hierarchical structure mirror the responsibilities for the work process?
  • Offers the possibility to assess the responsibilities critically: does the responsibility lie in the right place at each step?

Process scan

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