ICT Project Management

Project management

An eye on communication

Communication is everything: in the world of culture, just as everywhere else. Yet it does not always happen on its own. Seemingly opposing interests, different cultures, new legislation and regulation or organisational growth are all potential areas of conflict or friction.

At TOT, Marijcke Voorsluijs combines her industrial psychology expertise with more than 20 years of work experience in the cultural sector. She has resolved many issues for her clients, either on her own or in collaboration with other specialists in her network.

All interests on the same page

All interests on the same page. TOT’s strength lies in clear proposals, practical interventions and bold actions, and this is at the core of its services.

When is the right time to involve TOT?

  • When several departments are involved in a project;
  • When external parties require direction;
  • When the project has a technical aspect to it;
  • When a fresh outlook from someone who is both an insider and outsider is desired.

A few examples:

  • Examining the work process surrounding events;
  • Reorganisation of scheduling;
  • Outlining health & safety or employment conditions;
  • Implementation of an application;
  • Project management for a new website or for the revamp of an existing one.

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