Technical production

Hotel Pro Forma (Denmark) - War Sum Up

12 singers and a striking light design that give a powerful visual impression of the nature of war.
Follow the Warrior, the Spy and the Soldier through their transformation into a world of light and dark, battle and death. From man to machine, to statue, ghost and fantasy heroine. Three stories in XL of glorification and abomination.

War Sum Up is inspired by Japanese culture and its powerful expressions of poetry, pop, precision and brutality. This is illustrated through the music, the song texts, the costumes and the universe of images. The libretto is created with texts from Noh-theatre, written by Japanese masters, which are sung in Japanese.

War Sum Up combines several musical expressions and styles. New composed classical music creates a spheric, electronic sound image. Newly written pop-music describes the three characters with a mix of chamber pop and electronica, where man and machine melt together. The old world meets with the new, when old texts unfold in the electronic universe in order to tell the never-ending story of the nature of war.


Van Baasbank & Vos


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