Technical production

Compagnie Maguy Marin (France) - Umwelt

Umwelt, a plastic world buffeted by a stormy wind, makes use of perceptive staging composed of doors and mirrors. Within this vibrating framework moving bodies go back and forth, appear, disappear, and embark on instants of everyday existence. They might brandish an object, hug, walk, eat or disappear. This uninterrupted suite of entries and exits builds up a gallery-like array of different attitudes and postures - like a random roll of film inserted into a faulty projector. The machine gradually starts to go out of control, cuts out, repeats itself and then starts up again. The different bodies in the space split apart, repeat themselves, positioned on the brink of their own existences. Like a catalogue of ephemeral beings, or a 'user guide for life' which will continue its search until 'the running out of all possibles', Umwelt hollows out the future of our own environment - in all its vanity and fragility.


  Tu 9 May 23
  We 10 May 23