Technical production

Tommi Kitti, Ferenc Fehér, Vocab Dance Company () - Triple Bill

From the Julidans site
"Tommi Kitti - A Trip (Finland)
In 12 minutes, the length of the piece, you take a trip to the music of blues man John Lee Hooker. The Finnish dancer and choreographer Tommi Kitti worked with all major Scandinavian dance ballets and won several prizes. "A highlight. A Trip leaves the audience swinging." (Liikekieli)

Ferenc Fehér - TAO TE (Macaristan)
The Hungarian Ferenc Feher is a unique personality in the dance world. He received no dance training, but invented his own style from electric boogie and martial arts. TAO TE is a duel between two dancers (Feher and his compatriot Ákos Dósza). Stylized and sometimes burlesque, with Feher it effortlessly comes together.

Multiple Moves Meets Julidans
A crossover of traditional and contemporary African dance, modern dance and hip hop by Vocab Dance Company / Alesandra Seutin."



  Fr 8 Jul 11