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Stichting Kunstpubliek (Netherlands) - Tolerance Test

Tolerance Test is a unique exhibition installation that highlights Charlotte Schleiffert's monumental large drawings in a penetrating and hyper-actual way. The traveling installation consists of fifteen of Schleiffert's large drawings in a circle arrangement, which visitors view from the centre. The works are presented theatrically with the use of light and story (recorded voices): light to direct the viewer's gaze and story to give the creatures a voice, individually and as a group. Tolerance Test can be presented in the form of an exhibition (with audio narration and narrator Romana Vrede) or performance (with actress Kimberley Agyarko).

Tolerance Test can be visited as an exhibition in Rotterdam between February 8th and March 5th. There are performances on February 11th and 12th.


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Review in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant

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