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Youness Aboulakoul | Cie Ayoun (Morocco) - Today is a beautiful day

Today Is a Beautiful Day seeks to resonate on in our bodies long after we have left the theatre. In this solo piece Youness Aboulakoul investigates the impact of violence on our bodies; its movement in a never-ending chain of actions in continuous transformation. How violence stores itself, spirals and vibrates in our bodies. Memories are like invisible imprints, often kept alive in embodied gestures and patterns of movement. What is the substance of violence? How can we grasp its ephemeral nature as it constantly changes shape and appearance?

In a dark room Aboulakoul experiments with the possible contours of violence, articulating its shapes and forms. Today Is a Beautiful Day is an eternal beginning, the movement of violence into our consciousness. Powerful yet curiously fragile, a stage for its own unraveling.

Note: the performance will include light and flash effects.


Dancing on the Edge


Foto Beautiful Day
  Th 14 Nov 19
  Sa 16 Nov 19
  Sa 23 Nov 19