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Mayar Alexan | Hoor Malas (Syrian Arab Republic) - Three Seconds

In these times, dreams have become the only private or even secret place that is a human being. Dreams are also the place where (self) consciousness turns a blind eye, leaving space for repressed desires, old memories, and daily details to interweave and create their own magical scenarios and film-like sequences each night. Three Seconds, referring to the average length of a dream reconstructs such sequences. The performance takes the spectator through minimal yet magical combinations of movement, light and sound to experience that world, and follows a character stuck in the world of dreams. Who are we in this alternative world? How can we be criminals, lovers, prophets and heroes at night, yet wake up as if nothing has happened?


Dancing on the Edge


Foto Three Seconds
  Su 17 Nov 19
  Tu 19 Nov 19
  Fr 22 Nov 19