Technical production

Tabea Martin (Switzerland) - This my last dance

Inspired by Samuel Beckett's one-act endgame, Tabea Martin investigates how to deal with his own mortality in This is my last dance. This results in a duet in which the two dancers both present their last dance and share the stage. They enter into a dialogue about how to deal with the fear and hopelessness in the face of their own end. The other becomes an accomplice, a rival and a mirror of one's own fear. A performance about the physical decline and the confrontation with death.

The Swedish dance maker Tabea Martin dances in This my last dance, together with the Italian dancer Simona Bertozzi, whom she met as part of Choreoroam London 2008. Simona Bertozzi danced long with Virgilio Sieni and has her own dance company in Bologna. This my last dance is part of a series of choreographies dealing with mortality, the finite and the unknown.


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