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Youness Atbane (Morocco) - The Second Copy: 2045

What is the position of the contemporary art world? And how does it influence the artworks that are being made? The Second copy: 2045 is a conceptual performance that features a documentary in the year 2045, when political conflicts changed the world to a degree that only memories of art remain. The artist looks back on the dynamics of contemporary Moroccan art from 2000 till 2015 and takes the audience to an ambiguous space between realism and fiction.

In this performance we enter the world of the object. Language, movements and images no longer abide by a logical system, but are able to exchange and interact. The goal is to construct a new environment that is open to experiment.


Dancing on the Edge


Foto the-second-copy_small Foto download Foto the second copy 2045 credit fouad nafili
  Su 12 Nov 17