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Meryl Tankard (Australia) - The Oracle

The choreographer Meryl Tankard never dared work with Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps before, as the piece is so closely associated with the career of her own teacher, Pina Bausch. But when she saw the eccentric movements of Paul White –one of the best dancers in Australia today –she could resist no longer. White's powerful, earthy movements make The Oracle an intensely charged piece that stirs up our deepest emotions.

In terms of its content, the piece reflects on the huge contrasts we encounter in our lives: differences between men and women, and the predilection for violence as opposed to caring about others. This is all consummately interpreted by Paul White, and raised to still higher levels through the visual compositions of Regis Lansac.


Review by dance critic Michelle Potter

Article in The Sydney Morning Herald

Interview with dancer Paul White about The Oracle

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