Technical production

Hooman Sharifi | Impure Company (Iran (Islamic Republic of)) - The dead live on in our dreams

Sharifi’s performance is an exploration in throwing himself in front of an audience, or creating while being watched; continuously exposing himself to spontaneous criticism. The music, which is created on stage by the Iranian musicians Arash Moradi and Mehdi Bagheri, is a further development of the basic principles in his movement material: fall, fall out, fall down, fall up, fall away.
The music is an element of the scenography. It influences the physical space, the imagination and the choices he makes. And in turn, the movement offers the music resistance. In this way, the music is in the body while acting as a wall against which to throw the body. The Persian music represents and creates a place, which we inhabit for the duration of the performance.
The Dead Live On in Our Dreams is inspired by Persian storytelling, in which the constructed narrative moves between the past, the present and the imagination. The aim is for the audience to perceive the work as an arena, to experience what it means to remember. Hooman Sharifi is not a regular dancer. And this is not a regular performance.


Dancing on the Edge


Foto Hooman Sharifi
  Fr 15 Nov 19