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Eastman (Belgium) - TeZukA

"It is an honour, a pleasure and a blessing to have his world merge with mine. ", says Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui about Osamu Tezuka. The world of this visionary Japanese cartoonist - a fascinating mix of tradition, science fiction and contemporary reality - provides the material for Cherkaoui's new dance production. In TeZukA the choreographer returns to his first love, drawing. But the master of the manga (Japanese comics and print cartoons) influenced the choreographer on a more than purely formal level. Having grown up in post-war Japan, Osamu Tezuka ignored taboos and treated universal themes, setting great store by human rights, ethics and tolerance.

In TeZukA, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui visualizes the artistic process: he has both dancers and calligraphers describe the drawing process on stage, from an empty page through a single Japanese kanji (letter) to a fully developed manga character. TeZukA honours the cartoons and humanity in the ‘God of Manga’ his work.


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