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Adi Boutrous (Israel) - Submission

Gender: the identity that we derive from or is imposed on us by the fact that we are male or female. It is a recurring theme in this edition of Julidans. Choreographers from all over the world ask questions about this simple dichotomy. Are we either male or female? And do we derive our full identity from that? Adi Boutrous' Submission also questions the culturally determined role patterns in two beautifully danced duets, a 'male' and a 'female'.

Therefore, Boutrous first of all looks at the dance world itself. From the slender swan as an ideal for the ballerina and the strong prince, able to swing her across the stage like a feather, to the androgynous bodies of contemporary dance. And from there to the male and female stereotypes in society as a whole.



  Sa 6 Jul 19
  Su 7 Jul 19
  Mo 8 Jul 19