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David Peña Dorantes (Spain) - Sin Muros

David Peña 'Dorantes' opened the Dutch Flamenco Biënnale: "While his piano flamenco sounds in all keys, he and his musical friends take us to an open flamenco space: jazz bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons and the master of the Bulgarian kaval (wooden shepherd's flute), Theodosii Spassov. In this musical world, he sets the stage for two special guests: dancer Pastora Galván - sister of renowned Israel Galván - and Joaquín Grilo, who overwhelmed the public as a flamenco avalanche during the closing gala of the Dutch Flamenco Biënnale in 2008. In addition, the voice of Jose Valencia plays the tradition impressively. In this spectacular performance, opening the Dutch Flamenco Biënnale's third edition, three musical worlds meet together in an explosion of rhythms and jazzy improvisations."


Flamenco Biënnale


Pictures of the Sin Muros concert during the Dutch Flamenco Biënnale

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  Fr 21 Jan 11