Technical production

Shailesh Bahoran (Netherlands) - Shakti

We are out of balance. The world stands still, but it has never moved before. There seems to be a global imbalance between men and women, black and white, people and nature. We are caught between two extremes but at the same time we are aware that we are one together. How do we find each other again?

In his latest work, choreographer Shailesh Bahoran explores the qualities of the feminine energy Shakti, which in Indian philosophy represents everything that moves. What is the essence of the all propelling energy? And what tension arises between Shakti and its opposite Shiva, the masculine energy that stands for the silent thought?

In a silent whirlwind, four phenomenal dancers thunder through time and space to discover what moves us. Surrounded by the live sounds of two classical Indian string instruments, the tanpura and the sarod, they whirl through the center of the universe to the core of their soul in search of balance.


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