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Carmen Linares (Spain) - Remembranzas

Carmen Linares invites the audience into her world of flamenco poetry and heartfelt vocals. She translates her love for modern classic Spanish poets in beautiful new flamenco singing. The old Spanish folk poetry bursts with the singer from Linares of new life. All human emotions come together in her voice and in her voice sound the masters of the old flamenco song with whom she was surrounded from childhood. Her expressive performances find an elegant bed in the subtle lyricism of the piano by Pablo Suárez and the jazzy touch of Pablo Martins bass.

Listening to this cantaora is like walking through a flower garden full of surprises. Suddenly appears dancer and singer Tomasito. He swings, raps and jokes, with a humor which betrays his hometown Jerez. Carmen Linares is a phenomenon in the flamenco world for forty years. In Remembranzes she shares her beautiful memories and sings 'beyond' the flamenco to new horizons.


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  Sa 19 Jan 13