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Lisbeth Gruwez | Voetvolk (Belgium) - Piano Works Debussy

"Music is the space between notes," wrote Debussy. That is the starting point for this dialogue between classical music and contemporary dance. Because between the notes lies the space for the imagination.

Debussy is considered a rebel and challenger among composers. Together with the internationally renowned pianist Claire Chevallier, choreographer / dancer Lisbeth Gruwez is looking for a form for Debussy's 'musique immatérielle'. Just as the colors flow into each other in a watercolor and create new colors, Debussy's music shakes up the dance again and again.


Foto Piano-Works-Debussy_Lisbeth-Gruwez_Voetvolk-©DannyWillems_20DT0201 Foto Piano-Works-Debussy_Lisbeth-Gruwez_Voetvolk-©DannyWillems_20DT0341
  Sa 17 Apr 21
  Su 18 Apr 21