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Eszter Salamon (Hungary) - MONUMENT 0 - Haunted by wars (1913-2013)

In MONUMENT 0 – Haunted by wars (1913-2013), the Hungarian choreographer Eszter Salamon (1970) tells the history of the last century on the basis of the wars that took place under the influence of Western regimes. Along with six dancers she went off in search of tribes and folk dances that once existed in current conflict zones on all of the five continents. She collated fifty dances: ritual dances to prepare warriors for battle, peaceful or exuberant dances to celebrate the warrior’s victory and their return, dances of defeat or loss voodoo-dances for example. With the conquest of any nation, attempts were also made to brutally erase their culture, music and dance. Salamon sets the ancient history of dance opposite the recent conflict history and in this way demonstrates who came out on top.



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