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Wang Ramirez (France) - Monchichi

As migrants of the second or the third generation – or, simply, as a human in the globalized world, where travels, whether real or virtual, are part of our daily life – we are confronted with the phenomenon of interculturality, or cultural differences.
Beyond the question of criteria, behaviors, and references of any sort, the question is about the relationship with the Other, the person across from you.
The expectations may differ, but even if we have the same objective: how do we get there, together?
The shock of cultures is part of our lives: attraction, enthusiasm, repulsion, anguish.
We are a Frenchman in Germany with Catalonian and Spanish roots, and a German-Korean woman, born in Germany, who feels very close to the her parents' culture, even though what she knows of it is mainly from her parents.
“Where are you from?” It's a hard question to answer, too superficial, but common. In order to respond, should we refer to a piece of paper, a passport? To a feeling of belonging? To our favorite dish or music that we grew up with? Somehow, we refer to all of this. In life, we accumulate identities, becoming multi-layered.
What am I? Human. We are a couple, we build our life together, our common language, our dance, where, even here, our origins our different. This is our way of living, loving.
Our love. Our psychosis?


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