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Saburo Teshigawara (Japan) - Mirror and Music

Ingenious play of music, dance, light, and images by renowned Japanese choreographer

The renowned Japanese choreographer Saburo Teshigawara studied visual arts and received training in classical dance in Tokyo, though he soon found this dance form to restrictive. With his own company Karas, established in 1985, he explores all possible ways in which the body can express itself. And not only the body: in addition to choreographer, Teshigawara is also a writer, painter, poet. He also does the lighting design and set design for most of his own performances.

A dance piece by Teshigawara is always a complete sensory experience. That is also true of Mirror & Music, a group piece for eight dancers in which Teshigawara also performs. It is an ingenious play of music, dance, light, and images. Classical music is alternated with industrial noises, light plays games with the dark, and the virtuoso dancers seem to be operated by unseen forces. Mirror & Music is about things that are intangible: music, but also our mirror image.

Teshigawara's work has won many prizes and has appeared all over the world. He is regularly invited as a guest choreographer with prestigious international companies such as the Frankfurt Ballet, the Opera de Paris, and the Nederlands Dans Theater.

"Fascinating, hypnotizing, beautiful, and rich in imagination." (El Pais)

Supported by the Japan Foundation through Performing Arts Japan programme.

  Sa 3 Mar 12
  Su 4 Mar 12