Technical production

Dorothée Munyaneza / Cie Kadidi (Rwanda) - Mailles

For her work Mailles, ‘mesh’, the choreographer Dorothée Munyaneza, herself originally from Kigali (Rwanda), gathered a group of six very different artists and put them on stage together. She feels a deep kinship with each of them because of their strength and social involvement. The women are African, or have African roots, and speak out about their experiences with violence and oppression, while celebrating their strength as women. Each woman tells her story in her own language, in her own way - from spoken word to flamenco. The designer and visual artist Stéphanie Coudert connects the various elements with costumes and set design. On stage, this makes for a crossroad where all stories meet. About the group, Munyaneza says: ‘We are interwoven stories. We are melodies. We are humanity. We are crossings. Beyond identity, we are geographical, generational and professional network.’


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  Th 10 Jun 21
  Fr 11 Jun 21
  Sa 12 Jun 21