Technical production

Les Objets Volants (France) - Liaison Carbone

Things that fly through the air: the name of the French company Les Objets Volants is as simple as adequate, because what do jugglers do but letting things fly through the air? Well, another thing: they catch them again.

In their latest show Liaison Carbone that happens as well, but not just that, and not with just a few rings, balls, cones or diabolos, but with a lot of them, and moreover fairytale-like choreographies for five top jugglers. Thanks to perfect timing and collaboration a collection of rings can be transformed into a chain of molecules, changing classical jugglers cones suddenly into a school fish, big balls dancing in the air into gas molecules and two diabolos turn around each other like electrons around an atomic nucleus. Physical and chemical phenomena were the inspiration for Liaison Carbone (carbon bond).


Van Baasbank & Vos

  Sa 20 Sep 14
  Su 21 Sep 14
  We 24 Sep 14
  Sa 27 Sep 14