Technical production

Faso Danse Théâtre (Burkina Faso) - Kirina

Based on his own African background and vision of our current world, Serge Aimé created Coulibaly Kirina, a narrative about contemporary reality in a globalized world. Kirina is not an evocation of a historical event in West African history. The original epic was only a source of inspiration during the creation process, along with many other epic stories and real contemporary facts. Kirina is not a representation of African artists about Africa. It is a performance made by world citizens - a choreographer with African roots and an artistic team, some of whom have an African background - inspired by their own experiences in a globalized world. From all these sources of inspiration, Coulibaly created a show about people adrift, about the what and how of migrations and their influence on society.


Van Baasbank & Vos

  Mo 17 Feb 20
  Th 20 Feb 20
  Sa 22 Feb 20