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Faso Danse Théâtre (Burkina Faso) - Kalakuta Republik

Inspired by Fela Kuti, the Nigerian inventor of the Afrobeat, composer, saxophonist, orchestra leader but also political activist, the Burkinese choreographer, Serge Aimé Coulibaly, creates this brand new performance. Six dancers on the floor, that will be seven moments later. In Kalakuta Republik, the dancers shake as you see in shady nightclubs and jazz cafes. The scene image refers to a political and social world, but also to the Shrine, both temple and night club, where Fela Kuti sang about hope and revolt after a prayer with his audience. Kalakuta Republic was the name of his residence, located on the outskirts of Lagos. A place he regarded as an independent republic. The spirit of Fela, the figurehead of the resistance in West Africa and source of inspiration for many, runs like a thread through this performance.


Review in Dutch Theaterkrant


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