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Tereza Hradliková and coll. (Czech Republic) - Julidans NEXT: Swish

Skipping: it's child’s play until it gets serious. Then it becomes a means for training hard and for self-perfection. Exhaustion lies in wait. Can you jump over your own shadow? Or are you stuck in a whirling vicious circle? How long does the game remain fun and when does it become manic?

Czech, Tereza Hradilková got the idea for her new dance solo Swish when she recorded her dance film Beating in a boxing club in Prague. "I became fascinated by how the boxers skipped. I enjoyed the lightness of their movements, the changing rhythms, the movement of their arms and legs. It was actually a kind of dance", explained the choreographer. With her performance Swish she proves that skipping is more than child's play. And that the physical act of jumping transcends the physicality and opens a gate to something less tangible, the world of the psyche.



  We 4 Jul 18
  Th 5 Jul 18