Technical production

Dickson Mbi & Maya Dong (United Kingdom) - Julidans NEXT: Portraits in Otherness #1

While Akram Khan shines on Julidans' main stage in XENOS, Julidans NEXT presents two young talents selected by Khan for a special project: Portraits in Otherness, a series of dance solos by young international dance artists. A month after the world premiere in London Julidans NEXT presents two of these solos: Duende by the Brit Dickson Mbi and Whip from the Chinese Maya Dong.

Khan selected these dance artists for their virtuosity on stage, but also for their artistic vision. None of them, says Khan, works within the framework of one particular genre or form; on the contrary, they are looking for the primal force of the dance languages that exist and revitalize them. That is how they make dance relevant. With this project Khan wants to stimulate dance talent and pass on the rich knowledge and experience of the Akram Khan Company.



  Th 12 Jul 18
  Fr 13 Jul 18
  Sa 14 Jul 18