Technical production

Noha Ramadan (Australia) - Julidans NEXT: PARATACTICAL

"The thing changeable, the viewer changeable too" - this quotation from the American poet Rachel Blau DuPlessis was one of Ramadan's starting points. In PARATACTICAL, Ramadan plays with the movement and its images, so that the viewer is completely submerged in a kind of surround movement. She does this through the combination of dance and live film: the five dancers are also the film crew who make live recordings and then project them. The camera plays with what is real and what is virtual. In this way, the dance that we see and even the entire room in which we find ourselves doubles, mirrors and distorts. "The thing changeable, the viewer changeable too."




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  Mo 9 Jul 18
  Tu 10 Jul 18
  We 11 Jul 18